Thursday, 4 September 2014

cosmics winds...
from before the event of light...
rippling forces of origins...
particle existence
evolving... time dreams... of it
one sound before hearing...
an omnic-rush... stiring space
between  frequency / the first echo
re/echoing  kenetic dimensions
ancient visions... unstilling space
first pulse... in flight
threaded circles... strings of color
cast threads... tendrils weave realities
earth circles... centering electric whispers..
rythmns... in time's design
forever folding... closing nearer
in states of being
singularities overlapping
transmuting grids...
entwining pendulums
oscillating senses
by dh 204

new fractals
by dh  2014




ramblings of  it or not
realms of light ...
            spinning threads
            moments glowing
            electric fields
            within fabrics of dream
wave essences
           emerging frequencies
           magnetic tense
           intergrative spectrums
           dream sculpting transitions
densities of time
           asscensions of alignment
           recreating the instants
           increments of
           dimensions of quantum zero
clustering particles
           singulars / drift polarities
           psigraphic imaging
           solidifying layers
           equating balance
The I being...
by dh 2914
within the abyss
lost echoes... who called
who spoke
sometimes just a whisper
or moments of silent screams
I sleep inside my shadow
far from the blindness
of the light
drifting between the seconds
within a second thought
by dh 2914