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The Beatles: Rare... Available From Personal Collection

The Beatles:  Rare... Available From Personal Collection
$15.00 or 2 for $20.00 US plus $5.00 postage and shipping
Payable by international postal money-order/bank
For more information:

The Beatles - A Drug, Divorc and a Sleeping image
The Beatles - As It happened Baby
The Beatles - Causualities
The Beatles - Die Beatles In Deutschland
The Beatles - Get Back, The Original Let It Be George Martin Mix - complete 14 tracks_
The Beatles - I Had A Dream
The Beatles - Is Paul McCartney Dead (Rare Radio Show Bootleg 1978
The Beatles - Johnny and the Moondogs (1963-64) very rare
The Beatles - Lennon & McCartney - 68- 05-14  NBC-TV - Tonight Show Intro
The Beatles - Live At The Star Club in Hamburg 1962  (full 30 song album)
The Beatles - Live Budokan Japan
The Beatles - Live in italy 1965
The Beatles - Live In New Orleans 9.16.64
The Beatles - live Vancouver BC Aug 1964
The Beatles - Men & Horses Hoops & Garters
The Beatles -Only Northern Songs beatles fanclub nl
The Beatles - Paul Mc Cartenay  the Nashville Sessions
The Beatles - Random Oddities
The Beatles - Rarer than Rare
The Beatles - The Complete BBC Sessions
The Beatles - The Complete Control Room Monitor Mixes
The Beatles Christmas Album - The Beatles Fan Club 63-69 plus lost message
John Lennon - 60th Birthday Radio Special
The Beatles Last Concert- Candle Stick Park
The Beatles - Miss Him, Miss Him, Miss Him  CD1 and CD2
The Beatles - A Parlaphone Rehearsals Session (Remaster)
The Beatles - Beatles - All Good Children Go To Heaven
The Beatles -  Alternate Rubber Soul
The Beatles - Any Truth In The Rumour
The Beatles -  DR EBBETTS - Reel Music
The Beatles - Evolution
The Beatles - In Concert - 64.08.23 - Los Angeles
The Beatles - Jammin' With Heather
The Beatles - The Songs The Beatles Gave Away  (Bootleg Box Set)
The Beatles - Twenty Never Published Songs
The Beatles - (BOOTLEG) - Solo Promos (core collection)
The Beatles -Tapes IV - Hong Kong 1964
The Beatles - Beatles Tapes V (Interviews) - 1965 Help Tour
The Beatles -In Their Own Words - Dark Horse_The Secret
The Beatles - Dr Ebbett's - Die Beatles
The Beatles  Live in Indiana (9-03-64)
The Beatles - Dr Ebbett's - Die Beatles

The Beatles - George Martin - NYC Radio Interview About The Beatles
The Beatles - Hot As Sun (bootleg)
The Beatles - Live in Melbourne 1964 Entire Concer
The Beatles - Live in Montreal
The Beatles - Nightmares {Bootleg}
The Beatles - Radio Caroline Interview (March 25, 1966) - Part 1 - 4
The Beatles - Silver Album (bootleg)
The Beatles - The Songs The Beatles Gave Away  (Bootleg Box Set)
The Beatles - You And Me Babe
The Beatles & The Kinks - rare & unreleased
The Beatles - Greatest Hits- Entire Album CD - One (PERFECT)
George Harrison - Interview  Feb 15 2001
George Harrison - Electronic Sound
George Harrison - NPR Fresh Air - Interview with Olivia Harrison
George Harrison - Overexposed & Hypnotized  6 Apr 1992
George Harrison & Jeff Lynne - Radio Interview 1988
John Lennon - 60th Birthday Radio Special
John Lennon - 2004 - Acoustic (new)
John Lennon - 60th Birthday Radio Special
John Lennon - Free as a Bird Alternates
John Lennon - Menlove Avenue
John Lennon - Plastic Ono Demos & Outtakes
John Lennon -The Village Tapes - Last Sessions
Paul McCartney & Cat Stevens - Adopt A Minefield
Paul Mc Cartney - Deleted gems & live treasures

Paul Mc Cartney - Life Works Vol 1 & 2
Paul McCartney - 26 Jun 2004 - Worthy Farm Pilton, Glastonbury
Paul McCartney - 1976-06-13 - Live in San Francisco
Paul McCartney - 2004-06-02 - Letzigrund Stadium, Zurich cdx2
Paul McCartney - Howard Stern Interview
Paul McCartney - On A Rainy Day
Paul McCartney - Press To Play
Paul  McCartney Live at the Cavern 99 SFX Radio
Paul McCartney - Run Devil Run
Paul McCartney - The Lost McCartney Album - The Unreleased
Paul McCartney & George Harrison - On TV Dutch Show
Paul McCartney & Cat Stevens - Adopt A Minefield

Monday, 12 November 2012

 Jupiter In the Constellation Taurus
Fuji finepix 6 second exposure DH




The $10.00 second hand store deal

60mm Tasco late 1950’searly 60’s

When they built them good !!!

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