Sunday, 23 September 2012



       " THE VOYAGE "
               DAVID HODGSON
" How blind we were, minds choked with facts,
   No knowledge of what lies between.
   (What? Can anything squeeze between two moments
    Say instead that moments punctuate the truth. )
    Watch love and fear, destruction and new birth
    Blossom from colorless ropes of life "
                                                                   - Book of Causes    
  " Can time end? Moments multiply causes,
      Extending eternity "
                                                                    - Book of Causes
             " Psi/key "
" The temporally blind seem incomplete:
    Beings who see in portions
    Yet feel that they are more.
    They know uncertainty,
    And sometimes accept it.
    It takes only a moment. "
                                                                     - Book of Causes
" Arrival and departure are alike:
   Only the force of will
   Gives direction to time. "
                                                                    - Book of Causes
" Is it possible to see too far ?
   Though we see only the truth,
   Our vision may be false:
   In open spaces we see galaxies,
   But few Suns,
   At least, on planets, there are horizons
   Where some can see time move. "
                                                                    - Book of Causes
" There is coherence in time.
    River fundament flows: its unit is change.
    Does this seem paradoxical ?
    There are no paradoxes in reality,
    Only in minds
    That fail to see how moments connect. "
                                                                     - Book of Causes


         " Singular Duality "
                  DAVID HODGSON
" Mind, not me, has seen this moment:
   Coils of flesh enwrap the air
   And churn the river into white.
   Here fear is born, and so am I.
   ( Another moment follows, and another birth
     Each conception takes forever. ) "
                                                                     - Book of Causes

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