Thursday, 21 June 2012

Inspired from the virtual

Not a single moment goes by
that does not bring you the opportunity
to know the Soul more deeply and more fully.
You are the vehicle for experiencing
and knowing your Soul.
So relax, hold back nothing, and let your Soul be.
When you make space for the blessings of Soul to manifest,
you become a living blessing.

At the same time that we want to know
who we are and that we are Soul,
we can so easily get stuck in the drama of daily living.
We become attached to our mistakes and failures
instead of learning how to experience success
beyond our wildest dreams.
A key to expansion,
to opening sacred inner space,
is the divine imagination.
Visualize the very best of yourself—
the joy and the loving flowing within you and out of you—
and hold that vision.
As you hold that vision,
it will become a reality
because that’s the real you.

God continually breathes toward you
the wind that blows from heaven.
As you open yourself to let it in,
you’ll find that you can’t hold on to it,
you can’t possess it.
You must let go and allow that wind to lift you until you
manifest your true self,
the beingness of your Soul.
Then you will know yourself as divine,
as the promised one,
as the Beloved for whom you have searched.
And you will be awakened to the Soul
and will know the presence of God in your heart.

The Soul, which is motionless in its purity,
cannot be reached by the mind,
which is usually moving.
The mind is going too fast
to enter the frequency of Spirit.

The physical world is full of errors
and frustrations and mistakes.
They are all opportunities to refine your level
of awareness so you can get closer to who you are.
Who you are is so subtle that many of you have been
in your Soul and out the other side without realizing
it. The Soul is a small, integral unit of energy,
yet the cosmos and all the universes
are contained within it.
The Soul is the prototype for all existence.
It goes beyond the intellect.

If you know that you are one with the source,
then you don’t feel tense or needy.
You don’t feel lack or pressure. You’re poised.
You’re silent. You’re peaceful.
You can work harmoniously with anything that comes your
way and then let it go, because you are free.

Inspiration comes from a level deeper than thought.
It comes when you are quiet:
when the mind is holding steady,
the emotions are calm,
and the body is in balance.
Then the Soul comes forward with its joyfulness.
When it does, the imagination comes with it.
As the mind lets loose, you may doubt yourself
and wonder if you’re deluding yourself.
It’s important to train yourself to recognize
the difference between your wishful thinking
and the inspiration that comes from
your divine nature and intuitive knowing.
To do this takes practice and learning to trust yourself.

You commit yourself to yourself—
not to the personality or the mind
or the emotions or the body or the wallet,
but to that very essence of God
that we identify as the Soul.

The Soul is your connection to God’s loving heart.
The Soul is living water to quench your thirst.
The Soul is living food to nourish you.
The Soul is the living breath that gives you life.

There is no path in spiritual progression.
There is just spiritual progression.
When people talk about a path,
they set up a distance
and a sense of beginning and ending.
That’s a fallacy.
There is no beginning, no ending, and no separation.
You are never outside of God, whatever you do,
but if you express yourself negatively,
you may separate yourself from your awareness of God.
Express loving in all ways, always,
and you will know the presence of God in your life.

Life is performance art,
and the ultimate performance
is to play yourself.
Paul Kaye
Talk yourself into being in Soul.
Fantasize about being who you are.
Once you are in that fantasy, it becomes authentic.
I know that in my Soul I am free.
If you don’t know how to do that, pretend you do.


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